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Philips 241V8L 24inch LED Monitor
 $219.00RRP (inc GST)
** NEW ** MON-PHI-242B9T
Philips 242B9T 1080P Smooth Touch VGA,DVI, HDMI, DP w/ Speakers and IP54 water and Dust Resistance
 $499.00RRP (inc GST)
** NEW ** MON-PHI-242S1AE
Philips 242S1AE 24inch IPS
 $299.00RRP (inc GST)
Philips 243V5QHABA 23.6in LED
 $209.00RRP (inc GST)
Philips 243V7QJAB 24inch IPS
 $229.00RRP (inc GST)
** NEW ** MON-PHI-272S1AE
Philips 272S1AE
 $319.00RRP (inc GST)
** NEW ** MON-PHI-272V8A
Philips 272V8A 27 Widescreen LED IPS 75Hz AdaptiveSync, w/ Speakers Black 1920x1080, 4ms Response 20
 $259.00RRP (inc GST)
** NEW ** MON-PHI-273B9
Philips 273B9 27inch IPS USB-C Monitor
 $359.00RRP (inc GST)
Philips 436M6VBRAB 43inch Widescreen 4K HDR w/ Ambiglow UltraHD LED
 $899.00RRP (inc GST)
** NEW ** MON-PHI-438P1
Philips 438P1 43inch 4K
 $729.00RRP (inc GST)

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