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Please note that Certain product warranties are not handled by DMA outside of the DOA Period. These generally include but are not limited to LCDs, Notebooks and Printers. Please refer to the downloaded PDF file below for Service Centre contact details aswell as the warranty coverage by DMAService Centre Contact Details

RA and Warranty Policy

· Provision of invoice numbers only is insufficient. A copy of the original invoice must be presented along with a completed RA Request Form for RA Claims. Otherwise RA Numbers will not be issued & processed.

·         A $1inc GST fee will apply to search for and reprint copies of invoices for RA purposes

·         Each faulty item returned must have a label attached with the fault description and RA number.  Please do not write on the faulty item.

·      Items must be returned within 10days of an RA number being issued, otherwise a new RA Request will need to be lodged

·         All defective items must be properly packed when returned to prevent damage during transit. The customer must ensure the RA Number is clearly marked on the box of the returned item(s) 

·          Return ONLY the faulty item along with any power adaptors,receivers/transmitters or accessories required for the unit to function. Do not return miscellaneous accessories, driver cds and boxes. DMA will not be responsible for the loss of accessories inclusive of but not limited to manuals, box, cables and CDs etc.

·        DMA will not be responsible if the customer fails to inform DMA RA Dept. of their current contact details so they are contactable at all times for RA updates and notifications

·         DMA will only hold RA's for 3months from the date we receive the replacements from supplier, After which point in time a final attempt at contact will be made and if unsuccessful, the item will be surrendered to DMA

·          DMA will reject any item that has sustained physical damage such as but not limited to, burnt chips, scratch marks, bent/broken pins, shipping damage,

·         In cases of Advanced replacement,  if the item is rejected by DMA's supplier due to physical damage DMA has the right to ask the customer to return the replacement to DMA or an invoice will be issued to customer.

·     A charge of $25 ex-GST will be charged on any returned item which has been tested with no fault found.

·      LCDs, Notebooks & Printers warranty claims outside of the DOA Period are not handled by DMA. Please contact Manufacturer or their respective Service centre for all RA Claims.

Contact Details

Phone: +61 8 9204 7031
Phone: +61 8 9204 7027
Email: ra@dma.net.au

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