Dealer Registration

For those who are interested in becoming a DMA Authorised Dealer, kindly read the following instructions and download all the necessary Application Forms listed at the bottom of this page.

Dealers Online Pricelist Registration

Direct Memory Access is Australia's premier wholesale distributor for computers and accessories, and we're proud of it! We stock a large range and have one of the finest service centres in the country. If you're looking for parts, accessories, bare-bone systems or just about anything, we can help you. Our intent is to serve as a valuable tool for DMA's dealers, delivering the information and support that you need to help service your customers.

If you are already a Dealer and have the Dealers Pricelist registration/access information, there is no need to follow this process. Simply use the login form on the left of this page to access the dealer area.

For those who are not yet certified as DMA Dealers, the following is for your information -

Dealership Application Criteria

COD Customers

  1. Fill in Application for Dealership form (see bottom of this page)
  2. Accept DMA's Terms & Conditions
  3. Provide us a copy of your Business Name Registration Certificate
  4. Your First Purchase Order is required with your application for dealership

Credit Account Customers

  1. A history of trading with DMA for at least 6 months on a COD basis
  2. An average purchase volume of $15,000 per month
  3. Provide at least three trade references
  4. Fill in DMA's Credit Application Form
  5. Accept DMA's Terms & Conditions
  6. Provide a Directors' Guarantee
  7. Provide us a copy of your Business Name Registration Certificate

Downloadable Application Forms

Dealer Application Form Dealer Credit Request Form Guarantee Form Terms and Conditions Form

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